Numbers Cruncher

Numbers Cruncher is an easy to use program that will help you identify your cost of doing business so you can make the profit you need.

With Numbers Cruncher you can quickly and easily control the basic financial information about your company. It replaces complex spreadsheets and hard to understand financial statements with a simple fill-in-the-blanks system. Numbers Cruncher will help you set your prices so you'll earn the profit you want. It will show you your breakeven and what your employees really cost you, help you plan for new equipment purchases, new employees, new markets.

You Need Numbers Cruncher Today!

Your Numbers done Right

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Knowing exactly what to charge.
  • Earning more profits.
  • Growing your business faster.
  • Building lasting customer relationships.
  • Saving hours in your office.

Numbers Cruncher is an easy to use tool for quickly and easily controlling the basic financial information about your company. It replaces complex spreadsheets and hard to understand financial statements with a simple fill-in-the-blanks system.

Numbers Cruncher will help you set your prices so you'll earn the profit you want. It will show you what your employees really cost you. You will see you where you are spending the most so you can target your cost savings efforts. It lets you instantly visualize your business today, and create your business of tomorrow.

Pinpoint your costs, analyze where your money goes, plan for your business’ growth, and build good customer relationships.


Your Numbers done Right

Feature Packed and Easy to Use

Business Info

  • Comparative Cost Analysis Tool
  • Divisional Breakdown
  • Custom Budget Report Layout
  • Quick Job Calculator
  • Easy Divisional Breakdown

Taxes & Benefits

  • Built in Tax and Benefit Items
  • Unlimited Tax and Benefit Categories
  • Define your own Taxes and Benefits

Employee Details

  • Technician Productivity Evaluator
  • Productive Hour Calculator
  • Technician Sales Estimator
  • Productivity Improvement Projection

Easy Budget Evaluator

  • Unlimited Budget Categories
  • Custom Breakeven Evaluation
  • Divisional Breakeven

Your Numbers done Right

Easy and Powerful

Numbers Cruncher is designed to save you time by providing a powerful tool that lets you make informed decisions quickly. You can easily enter your business information using the terms you use every day. Then you can print a picture of your business as it is today or as it will be tomorrow.

Instantly See Your Business

Numbers Cruncher works like no other software you have used. Simply fill in the blanks. Instantly your business comes to life in powerful economic view. Now you can make informed decisions about your future based on pinpoint accuracy.

Find Your Information Fast

Numbers Cruncher gives you the power to answer the tough business questions you have. As your business changes, you will know exactly how your company will benefit – and it will take only a few minutes.

No matter what type of service business you have, Numbers Cruncher can help you to be more profitable. You will understand your business and where the money goes. You can plan your business growth, and increase your profits, and build customer loyalty.

Numbers Cruncher will improve your business, and it will be easy.

What Can You Lose?

Like most businesses, you are probably not 100% certain that you are charging enough to cover your costs and make the profit you expect. You may say that the time and expense of accurately calculating your costs is not worth the time and expense.

Well, $600,000, or more, says you could be wrong.

If you assume that your breakeven cost is $100/hour when it is really $110/hour, you’re only losing $10/hour. No big deal. It’s only $10. But, over a career, it can mean the difference between working forever and a comfortable retirement.

Many contractors tell us they know what it costs them to run their business. But, the fact is that when we run the numbers and analyze their data, fewer than 10% of contractors really know their true cost. Without your true cost, you cannot determine profitable selling prices.

Numbers Cruncher makes it easy to find your own numbers. Your numbers must accurately reflect your actual costs if you expect to survive in this business.

Does it really work?

My name is Steve Harmon. I own and operate Harmon Plumbing Services and here‘s my experience with NSPG. My business was over $80,000 in debt, I had little income from all my hard work, and I had to take a 2nd mortgage on my home just to rescue my business.

I bought a software program called Numbers Cruncher that was advertised in Plumbing & Mechanical magazine. I've got to tell you, it saved my business. It literally kept me from going bankrupt.

In the first year using Numbers Cruncher, I made the most money in my career. In the next two-year period after I started using Numbers Cruncher, I increased my profits over 150%. Over that period, I paid off most of the debt I incurred before I discovered NSPG‘s products. I tripled the salary I paid myself. I purchased new equipment, new computers, and new drain cleaning equipment for cash. This was accomplished without adding a truck or employees.

I attribute much of my company's turn around to NSPG Software. My only regret is not having Number Cruncher available to me when I first started my business. If I did, I could have avoided many of the mistakes I made.

I simply can’t say enough about Numbers Cruncher. For your business future, you need to buy Numbers Cruncher right away. I know you will earn your money back many times over.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did – by guessing at your costs and selling prices. Before you get in over your head, you need to buy this software. It's well written so anyone can understand how to use it. I’m no computer whiz, and I found it very easy to use.

Now, I take vacations every year, and they're paid for immediately. In the past, they were paid over long periods of time. It's given me a better life. We couldn't have done it without Numbers Cruncher.

For businesses that don't know their costs, it's a matter of survival. If you're going to be in business years from now, you need to switch. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"NSPG software is the future."